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majoritarian intolerance

Posted on the 21 February, 2010 at 12:31 pm Written by in The People's Charter

The People’s Charter, if successful, will be attacked on the grounds that it reflects majoritarian intolerance.

But does the view of the people matter?  Is not the will of the people the core of democracy?

Will we reach the point with a Bill of Rights that unelected judges in this country will make decisions based on international right’s laws grounded in The Hague or Helsinki where an un-elected tribunal has made a 5-4 decision on a point of right’s law? (e.g. the age at which a compulsory value judgment must be made to assess an order for termination of life for the common good of society.)

Say NO to a bill of rights. Say YES to The People’s Charter www.thepeoplescharter.net.au